How to Add a Royal Touch to Your Wedding

How to Add a Royal Touch to Your Wedding

Every time a royal wedding happens, you start thinking about having a grand wedding right? Yeah, we know that. You would have been always wondering how to tastefully add some grandeur to your wedding, and we have listed some ideas to make your royal wedding a reality.

Book a Grand Venue

While you may not have your wedding at Windsor Castle, you can still find out some historic castles or stately homes that you can book to add that regal touch to your wedding. Even if you are on a budget, a grand and well-decorated ballroom venue would do.

Play some Classical Music

Music does a great job to make the atmosphere majestic. Instead of playing the traditional songs, try classical and royal music. It won’t be so difficult to find some Beethoven or Amadeus inspired tracks, and it would be great if a live orchestra is playing while you enter the ceremony. This creates a perfect and affordable royal atmosphere.

Pick a Royal Decor Theme

Choosing the decor should be done carefully as it sets the stage for the whole affair. Don’t let that decor be flashy but chic and sophisticated. Decorative pieces in shapes of crowns, swags, or royal symbols that can remind of a royal wedding would be the best choices.

Wear a Magnificent Gown

For a royal feel, it is better to go for a traditional gown than a trendy one. Grand Ball gowns with silk, lace, and metallic touches would be the perfect fit for your royal wedding. Finishing touches like a tiara, a veil, wrist-length gloves, and a grand neckpiece will add to your princess look.

As you saw, having a royal wedding doesn’t require a royal budget. A bit of creativity and implementing some practical tips can create a royal atmosphere in which you wanted to welcome your family and friends. This will be the best time to live your fairytale and feel special each moment. As a leading wedding shop in Dubai, Al Daker Couture has a collection of the most unique wedding dress in Abu Dhabi, Dubai that will definitely add that royal touch to your wedding!