How to Choose the Perfect Shade for your Wedding Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Shade for your Wedding Dress

One of the most exciting yet difficult choices you need to make while visiting a wedding shop in Dubai is picking the perfect shade for your wedding dress. Whether to go for a breezy pink gown or a suave yellow one, you should know whether it suits you, the theme, location, etc. and many more aspects. Apart from the silhouette and design, your wedding dress should enhance your skin tone and reflect your style. Choosing the colors may be confusing, but a good bridal store in Dubai can help you out if you have the vaguest idea of what you want! Here are some of the most important tips to remember while choosing the perfect dress:

For Fair Skin

For fair-skinned ladies, gowns in the shades ranging from light white to English rose can be perfect. A color that would complement your skin will be a warm shade of white with yellow undertones.

For Medium Skin

If you are a medium skinned lady, and if you tan without burning, it would be best to choose a creamy white dress. It would look amazing on you.

For Medium Skin Color With Pink Undertone

If you are a medium skin-colored lady with pink cheeks, you would glow in creamier ivories. Because the fabric has yellow undertones, you won’t look to blushed in your gown.

For Dark Skin

If you are a dark-skinned lady, any shade of white, even the brightest will look gorgeous on you. If you have a dark complexion with an olive undertone, it would be better to avoid yellow-ivory shades for your gown.

After you decide which skin tone you belong to, it is time to check which shade white will look perfect for your wedding dress in Dubai. There are many different shades of white that may complement your skin tone, and also, different fabrics reflect light differently. Find out how different shades can suit you here:

Stark White

This shade of white may not suit the majority of ladies as the purest white fabric can wash out fair and medium skin tones. The stark white fabric appears glowy and looks the most beautiful on dark-skinned or tanned ladies. Stark white gowns are usually made using synthetic fabrics like polyester, taffetas, and satins.

Natural White

This shade is also called diamond white or silk white and is not as bright as stark white. Natural white can be preferred because it does not have that chalk-like appearance on photographs. The natural white should be chosen carefully as it can flatter most skin tones, especially brides with skin having yellow undertones.


Before you try an ivory wedding gown, make sure that it suits your eye and skin color using a swatch. Ivory has different shades. The lightest shade of ivory is Eggshell, Candlelight is a deeper shade with a beige-cream undertone, and will be great for evening weddings, hence the name. The deepest shade of ivory is Ecru, and is closer to beige or tan. Ecru is not so traditional, but you can try it if you want a unique gown.