Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping in Dubai

Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping in Dubai

Choosing the right dress is the most exciting part of your wedding planning. Most women start dreaming about their wedding look before they find the right partner and some since they were little girls! But just because you are really excited about start shopping to find your dream dress, it does not mean that you should jump into the process without the right preparations. Here are some valuable tips to prepare for shopping for your wedding dress in Dubai:

Set your Budget

Having a budget will give you a proper idea about which range to look into and to narrow down your options. On the other hand, shopping without a budget cannot help you in any manner. Having a number in mind at the starting point is very important that it is a part of your whole wedding planning. You can set a budget and adjust it with the reset of your expenditure.

Start the Shopping Early

It generally takes about six to twelve months from time you order the gown for it to reach you. So, it is always best to start searching for your dream gown from the time you are engaged. A designer generally needs four or five months to make a gown. Besides, you will have to schedule at least three fittings, which is one month apart. Having enough time to shop will help you have a variety of shopping experiences, and you will have ample opportunities to explore different designs.


It is important that you should do your research before you start shopping. You should have an idea about what you are going to buy. You can see magazines, browse dress finder, or see Pinterest boards for ideas. You can create an exclusive folder for your gown search and can stash tear-outs, fabric samples, and anything you love to be a part of your dress.

Make an Appointment

Once you have decided on the type of dress you want, you will have to schedule appointments with bridal shops. Along with that, you should also make appointments for salons, a couture house, etc, keeping the budget in your mind. Also, if you have certain designers in mind, plan accordingly. You can find the stores that have them. As most of the wedding dress shops in Abu Dhabi do not work on a walk-in basis, it is required that you call for appointments at least two weeks before.