Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Once your wedding day comes to an end, and while you are taking off your wedding dress you would definitely be in a confusion as to what to do with your beautiful wedding gown. Here are some of the most important tips to know while preserving your wedding dress shared by a leading bridal store in Dubai:

Using a garment bag is the most common way to preserve your wedding gown. Garment bags are usually very affordable and come in various sizes, styles, and colors. Even though garment bags are great for the temporary storage of your gown and for normal transportation of the dress, it doesn’t offer a lifelong guarantee. Preserving in a garment bag can be risky because your dress may be prone to yellowing, oxidation spots, mold growth, permanent creasing, etc.

The major things to consider when preserving your wedding dress are the dress fabric, timing, and budget. These factors play a really important role while preserving the dress. Here are some tips to follow while preserving your wedding gown Dubai:


Each bridal gown is unique and would have its own features. Every dress should be handled in a careful manner as they are really delicate. A bridal store in Abu Dhabi suggests that standard dry cleaning is generally not recommended for your gown. The cleaning should be done according to the stitching patterns, and other details.


Packing your gown away without thinking much is definitely a bad idea. The act can really harm your dress more than you think. The majority of us would make this mistake but beware, there would be invisible specks you might miss out. For instance, you would not notice the stain of white wine, that may stain darker over time. Therefore, time is always the key to wedding dress preservation.


Generally, preservation costs for wedding gowns are really high, and you must start doubting about the decision to keep your dress brand new. Preservation is definitely a costly affair but depends on what kind of treatment your dress is getting. A great idea to avoid unexpected expenses is to include the wedding dress preservation amount in your wedding budget.

Moreover, many online companies are now offering “wedding dress preservation kits”. Everything is made easy, you can mail in your dress and receive notifications on wedding dress preservation from the comforts of your home until you receive it back.