When Should You Start Wedding Dress Shopping?

When Should You Start Wedding Dress Shopping?

One of the most common doubts every bride has while planning her wedding is “When should I start the wedding dress shopping?”. While it is not so hard to clear this doubt, your wedding dress shopping timeline depends on many factors like from where you are buying your dress, the type of dress you choose to how much time is left for your marriage. Here is a guide to help you figure out when to start shopping for your wedding dress in Dubai:

When Should You Start Shopping?

If you prefer, you do need any time at all for wedding dress shopping. You can simply walk into any wedding shop in Dubai, buy and dress, and can get married in it tomorrow! But all brides wish for that classic wedding dress shopping experience. It is indeed a great experience as you have so many options and choices before you finalize your dream wedding dress. To have this complete experience, you should ideally start for your wedding dress shopping at least six months before the wedding. This will give you enough time for research, making appointments, trials, making the decision, shipping, alterations, etc.

Custom Made Dresses

A custom made dress is designed by your boutique specifically according to your requirements, and you order it exclusively for you. This type of dress is preferred by most women as they want their dress to be unique, fit them precisely, and to express their style. Making a custom dress usually requires three to six months, maybe even longer for some designers. So much time is taken because many custom dresses need to be hand-finished, often need to be shipped, and you need time for alterations. Therefore, if you prefer a custom dress, start shopping at least seven to nine months before your wedding.

Dresses Off The Rack

If you are short of time and are getting married within a couple of months, a sample wedding dress or off the rack is the best option for you. As we mentioned before, you can buy it and take it home the same day. You can always check with your boutique if they have any sample or off the rack styles available at the moment. Even if you buy a sample dress, you would need time for alterations, so go shopping for at least one month before your wedding.

High Street Dresses or Online Shopping

High street wedding dresses have gained widespread popularity in recent years because they are the best option if you are short on time as well as a budget. Adding to the demand, some of the collections come out only during certain times of the year, have limited stock, and sell out quickly. If you are planning to shop online, make sure that you have adequate time for shipping.